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Learn visual storytelling online from industry professionals. Our focused story training is designed to boost your skills and create a winning storyboard portfolio to land jobs in the entertainment industry.

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Since 2008 we have been training storyboard artists for the entertainment industry.

Learn the insider visual storytelling knowledge that was only reserved for artists working inside the major studios.  

All of our instructors are real-world Professional Artists working at top companies in the entertainment industry including Pixar, Disney, Lucasfilm, Marvel, Netflix and Sony.

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What our students say…

Mario Galardo

"Dear Mentor, I wanted to let you know last week I posted some of my work on LinkedIn and guess what, today I have received a storyboard contract from a French company for a 90 sec advertising project. I'm stoked as this is my first advert project ever. Thanks and a great day to you."

Got hired at 

Josue Francisco Otero Pedraza

“My experience with StoryboardArt is an invaluable tool that helps you break barriers of what is storyboarding. Assignments that are built to help you tackle difficult real-life storyboard situations. Well thought out with lots of love and effort in every lesson. It's a lot to take in but is knowledge that will be useful for a very very long time. It is a great place to relearn and learn what is storyboarding and what it takes to do it right!"

Storyboard Artist 

Lincoln Adams

"Hard to believe it’s been 10 years since I started on this boarding journey. It all started with your class. In that time, I’ve logged shows in four different countries, have shows currently streaming on several platforms and am currently working for Warner Bros Animation and look forward to seeing my work on Minions II. I couldn’t have done this without you! StoryboardArt.org pioneered online education in an area where NO ONE was teaching, and it changed the trajectory of my career!"

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Abby Goo

"Thank you sooooooooooooooo much for funding this community, this is like huge treasure cave! I just watched the video for beginner and learned a lot! I'm too excited now, there are tones of words in my mind, let me start some sketches to calm down myself ^_______^
Thank you again and again!!!!"

Storyboard Artist