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This course has been as informative if not more informative than any class I've taken undergrad or otherwise! ...From studios I've gotten some positive comments in just the last few days. In fact, one studio in the UK wanted me to work on-site on a thirty sec. spot... But another studio in the UK, Spider Eye, is considering me for remote work coming up in the next few months! Thanks so much for your time and for your teaching abilities! Every time I come across an excellent teacher I try to absorb how they approach teaching. I hope I can apply your teaching abilities, as well.

- Lincoln Adams

I wanted to take the time to thank you for both the portfolio review and your workshop. To catch a review with you I ditched the line for a studio's portfolio review, and honestly, it was 100% worth it. I'll be working on what I learned for my action scenes and be more active on forums from now on.

- Henrique Jardim

I wanted to let you know that I enjoyed and learned so much about story and how important it is in any artistic endeavor. I'm a graphic designer looking to transition into motion design and realize how important storyboarding is. Even in graphic design I now look at my compositions in this way. Thank you for offering such a class and from pros like yourselves!

- Cassia Dominguez

First, I wanted to thank you for that portfolio review we had. His advice really helped me to make a lot of choices lately. So here is the big news: I accepted Nickelodeon's job last Friday, so I am moving to Burbank in about a week and half. The craziest thing is 3 hours after saying yes to Nick, Disney called me to hire me on a feature. I am not even there and already I am rolling with the snowball! Guess this is why they call it land of opportunity ;)

- J-Sebastien Duclos

I recently been hired by NerpCorp as a storyboard artist. I was originally seeking an entry level Storyboard revisionist position. When they hired me, my actually title is "Storyboard Director". FANcy Huh? Well I must be doing something right, and you definitely guided me well, so thanks for that. You probably get that a lot...lots of luck with the continuation of the StoryboardArt, it's an excellent program in helping new artist to set their foundation for those who are interested in getting into this industry.

- James Roy Jaculina

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