Gauging Rates For Storyboard Artists

October 10, 2012  

Do you know what you're worth?

You should understand the market as an industry artist and adjust your rate accordingly.

Don't know how much you should charge?

Here we will give you some guidelines, but rates will vary depending on your experience and geographic area. A good basis for industry rates is to look up the union rates published at the union website or through their publications.

A decent board artist can make anywhere from $150-350/day as a mid level artist to $450-$700/day high level.  Weekly rates go from $1000-1500, to $2000-$3000 high level. On an hourly basis rates can range from $30-$50 per hour mid level to $60-$85 high level.  An entry-level salary on a staff position can be $40,000-$50,000ยน.  Senior artists and supervisors can make six figures salaries, but of course their responsibilities and production quotas will be greater. The truth is, you can make a decent living as a storyboard artist. With any job, if you have no experience you have to start at the bottom and work your way up. If you are a freelancer, you should charge more for contract work.

If someone asks you what your rate is, you need to have an answer.

You should tell them a weekly rate or an hourly rate that closely matches your experience. You can be willing to negotiate the rate based on how badly you want the job, but be confident your skills are in the rate that you can command.

Here are the 2018 wage surveys published by the animation guild.




Check out these links for more info on unions and rates:


This is a good benchmark to use based on the date of this publication (May 25,2015).  Rates will change so do your research before applying to jobs.

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