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Beginner Courses Story Padawan. I’m just getting started with visual storytelling and need the skills to start creating sequential art. I really want to learn what it takes to work on movies from studios like Marvel and Pixar.
Intermediate Courses Jedi Apprentice. I have drawing skills and I know how to use them. I’m looking to improve my camera work, story structure, and business knowledge to best market my skills.
Advanced Courses I'm a Story Jedi, but I could still learn a lot from Yoda. I’m looking for a bigger network for more job security and I would love to sharpen my skills to razor efficiency. I’m ready to get to the next level of career success.



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Thank you sooooooooooooooo much for funding this community, this is like huge treasure cave! I just watched the video for beginner and learned a lot! I'm too excited now, there are tones of words in my mind, let me start some sketches to calm down myself ^_______^
Thank you again and again!!!!

-Abby Goo

This course has been as informative if not more informative than any class I've taken undergrad or otherwise! I've compiled a mailing list of about 150 animation studios in N. America, Brazil, Europe and Australia. And I still have to add video game companies to that list...but I've gotten some positive comments in just the last few days.
Thanks so much for your time and for your teaching abilities! Every time I come across an excellent teacher I try to absorb how they approach teaching. I hope I can apply your teaching abilities, as well.

-Lincoln Adams

I thought you guys did a great job with the portfolio video because it covered practical methods to actually build a portfolio. Thumbs up on the image editing section with the Adobe software. There are two things in particular that I liked: (1) it was cool how Sergio displayed how quickly storyboards are looked at and (2) I liked hearing the philosophy of "what" should be shown in a book (no words, just images, SHOW THE WORK). I can't speak for others, but I feel that I really learned something from this.

-Tony Lockhart

Very new member here and just want to say THANK YOU for the amazing resources you offer! I'm an illustrator/designer in Toronto and have done a few boards for advertising agencies (commercials) over the years and it's always been my dream to be full time

-Matt Melanson

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