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StoryboardArt is a professional community of visual storytellers that will show you how to make storytelling a way of life. Through our online classes, streaming videos, and live workshops we teach the story principles that are not found in art schools or traditional learning environments.

Our resources and courses give you access to the professional advice you need to launch your career and level up your success.

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Beginner Courses Story Padawan. I’m just getting started with visual storytelling and need the skills to start creating sequential art. I really want to learn what it takes to work on movies from studios like Marvel and Pixar.
Intermediate Courses Jedi Apprentice. I have drawing skills and I know how to use them. I’m looking to improve my camera work, story structure, and business knowledge to best market my skills.
Advanced Courses I'm a Story Jedi, but I could still learn a lot from Yoda. I’m looking for a bigger network for more job security and I would love to sharpen my skills to razor efficiency. I’m ready to get to the next level of career success.