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With our courses you learn the storytelling skills you need to have a career telling stories with storyboards and sequential art. We teach the storytelling skills you can only learn as an insider from artists working in the entertainment industry. The content we cover is not easily found in art schools or other education programs.  Learn the drawing techniques, film language, and career skills to become a pro and work on the film projects you always dreamed of. 

All of our instructors are real-world artists working at the top entertainment companies including Disney, Pixar, Netflix, Dreamworks, Laika, Blizzard and many others. 

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The Story Artist Mentorship

A year long story intensive course with a team of Pro Story Mentors

Become a faster, more skilled, more confident story artist. The Mentorship Program is designed to level up your career, and transform you into a confident VISUAL STORYTELLER.

What our students say…

Kylie Gay

"I got 2 different portfolio calls! I had a recruiter from DisneyTV ask for my portfolio for an upcoming show, and I should be hearing back from her in the beginning of January!  THEN I got an email last week from Floyd County Productions to do a storyboard test for a full-time position! Thanks to the Mentorship, I've made a lot of strides in my work, and I'm so glad I took the chance to learn from you all!!"

Got hired at 

Erik Kuska

"I am in awe of this program and the dedication you all invest in it. I truly feel you guys raise the bar, but also leave plenty of breadcrumbs to help everyone find their way over it.  You are unlocking storytellers in all of us for crypes sake! And it's so exciting to be around and watching all these little hatchlings discover they have these little teeny wings, and with a LOT of work, what they can do with those wings. And I am one of them!!"

Story Artist at 

Lincoln Adams

"Hard to believe it’s been 10 years since I started on this boarding journey. It all started with your class. In that time, I’ve logged shows in four different countries, have shows currently streaming on several platforms and am currently working for Warner Bros Animation and look forward to seeing my work on Minions II. I couldn’t have done this without you! pioneered online education in an area where NO ONE was teaching, and it changed the trajectory of my career!"

Got hired at 

storyboardart users get access to our premium content

Robert Valley Storytelling Techniques

Robert Valley shows us his method working in Photoshop. This is not your normal Photoshop storyboard demo. Robert has some crazy wicked skills creating his shots from thumbnails to boards and even animating unbelievably complex shots directly in Photoshop.

Live Action Storyboard Workshop With Tim Burgard

Learn the film storyboard method from one of Hollywood's most prolific storyboard artists.

Storyboard Intensive with Giancarlo Volpe

Learn the essentials of being a storyboard artist and the animation business from Award-winning director Giancarlo Volpe

Story Artist Networking Guide

Network like a pro with our detailed guide on how to navigate the entertainment industry and land jobs. We cover outreach, promotion and have a strong professional presence.

Ted Mathot And Derek Thompson Visual Storytelling Workshop

Learn visual storytelling techniques from two juggernaut storytellers. This workshop will highlights career experience from time at Pixar, ILM, current projects and everything in between.

Visual Story Bootcamp

A complete visual storytelling bundle to get your skills at the pro level and boost your portfolio!

Successful Freelancing With Tony Santo

Tony Santo takes you through the steps of becoming a successful freelancer.