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Storyboard artist, teacher, and animation director Sergio Paez takes you through a series of key guided lessons designed to boost your drawing skills and prep your portfolio. Each lesson includes a unique assignment so you can get feedback from Sergio and apply the knowledge right away. Follow along with each lesson and create your own story images to share and add to your portfolio. Get the insider training most storyboard artists can only learn on the job.

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Here's what you'll learn with these 5+ lessons

Lesson 1: Composition and Drawing for Storyboards

Storyboarding takes a special set of skills that is not just about drawing pretty pictures. Composition matters when you want to influence an audience. Learn the storyboarding methods that will make your shots engage your audience every time. 

Lesson 2: Staging and Camera moves

Your scene will come to life if you have interesting staging with quality camera moves. But the big question is where do you place characters for maximum visual impact? In this lesson, we breakdown staging and moving the camera to make even the toughest scenes feel seamless.

Lesson 3: Emotional Impact in your characters

The basis of our visual stories come from character emotions. You need to get the emotions right in order to have the actions matter in the story and connect with your audience. We analyze the root of a character's motivations and show you how to make this visual.

Lesson 4: Polishing your boards and Previz

Storyboards need to be produced quickly and with maximum clarity. In this lesson, we show you techniques to polish your boards so you create a drawing shorthand. We also introduce Previz methods to better visualize tough shots.  

Lesson 5: Creating an animatic

Creating an animatic is the best way to showcase your visual stories! If you create an animatic correctly, you can better sell your idea and grab a viewer’s attention from the first few shots. We discuss the latest trends in story reels and create a complete visual story pitch.  

Led by storyboard artist and director SERGIO PAEZ

Sergio Paez is a veteran storyboard artist and animation director with more than 25 years of industry experience. Sergio was an episodic director on the Emmy Award winning  series Star Wars Resistance and Star Wars Rebels from Lucasfilm. His film credits in the United States and Europe include projects for Pixar, Lucasfilm, Sony, and Sega. Sergio is a founding member of the visual storytelling community StoryboardArt.org.  Sergio’s book "Professional Storyboarding: Rules of Thumb" is the definitive guide for the story professional.

HERE'S WHAT SOME OF OUR intro to storyboarding STUDENTS HAD TO SAY...

"You can't possibly imagine how these videos are helping me stay motivated. Becoming a story artist is my ultimate dream, I know I can improve my level with determination and with people like you: real teachers."

-Sonia Ouali

Loved the course! The way the video assignments/lessons are very clear, professionally presented, chock full of usable content giving us interesting decisions to make & learn with the whys & how to go about it, with examples with assignment assets. FUN to work on of course! Feedback & suggestions given after each lesson pinpoint specific areas where one can improve on in the lesson, reasons given & also possible ways to go about it. The focus is on us to create! Find ways to tell a story, to present it so it's crystal clear in a storyboard frame or frames, film format, animatic. Visualize it, draw it, create camera angles etc. You'll learn a lot & all very useful for your future career.❤️🤩🎬🎥...🏆!”

-Mike Mirfin 

“My experience with StoryboardArt.org is an invaluable tool that helps you break barriers of what storyboarding is. Very informative and clear knowledge. Sergio knows his stuff and makes it easy to digest at a reasonable pace. Assignments that are built to help you tackle difficult, real-life storyboard situations. Well thought out with lots of love and effort in every lesson. It's a lot to take in but is knowledge that will be useful for a very, very long time. ”

-Josue Francisco Otero Pedraza 

Check out some of the student work produced in the course...

Eleonora Caprara

Stephen Rustad

Kumar Morey

Mike Mirfin

Carlos Rafael

Marco Leombruni

Alun Edwards


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