Required Reading for
the storyboard artist

Being a professional storyboard artist requires a mix of drawing skills, film knowledge, and story structure. Each one of these disciplines is a specialized skill, but it's important to be familiar with all of them to understand how to construct a winning scene.

The following is a list of our recommendations for books and materials to improve your storyboards, drawing skills, and film knowledge. Do you have other suggestions for books that have helped you? Leave a reply in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

Professional Storyboarding Rules of Thumb

By Sergio Paez and Anson Jew 
Published by Focal Press

The Art of Storyboarding (ebook)

By Sergio Paez and Dave Wilton.

Other Suggested Books

Figure Drawing for All It's Worth
Fun With A Pencil

Creative Illustration

Drawing People


Save the Cat

On Directing Film

Star Wars Storyboards

Framed Ink

Cinematic Storytelling

Star Wars Storyboards

Walt Disney Animation

The Visual Story

Perspective Drawing

The Five C's of Cinematography

Storyboard Design


The DC Comics Guide

Storyboarding Essentials

Vanishing Point: Perspective

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